alight studio specializes in themed designs for events, parties and plays. From large scale productions to show stopping pieces, from custom designs to rentals, we create awe-inspiring environments.


Event Decor

Easily create a castle ambiance. From great windows to gargoyles holding lanterns. We have: hand painted canvas drapes; lion, snake, raven and badger gargoyles holding fire lanterns; and floating candles. Contact us to check availability.

Set Design

Let's create the props for your next play.

Party Accesories

Let us create a sensational centerpiece for your desserts.

Theme Children's Parties

Let us create something unique for your next party.

Dance Decor

Let us bring a cityscape to life for you.

Meditation Space Design

Create a beautiful and serene meditation space for your event.

Product Design & Sales

Check out our products to inspire relaxation and meditation.