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Event and Prop Design
alight studio specializes in themed designs for events, parties and plays. From large scale productions to show stopping pieces, from custom designs to rentals, we create awe-inspiring environments.


Event Decor

Easily create a castle ambiance. From great windows to gargoyles holding lanterns. We have: hand painted canvas drapes; lion, snake, raven and badger gargoyles holding fire lanterns; and floating candles. Contact us to check price and availability.

Set Design

Whether for the production of a community play or to set the scene for photos with Santa, we custom-build props that awaken your senses.

Event Installations

Let’s collaborate on the show-stopping pieces that will best deliver on your party’s theme or purpose. Here’s an example of a Dessert Forest with trees that stand 6.5 to 8 foot tall. They were custom-designed, sturdy, and laser-cut from cardboard. Dry ice at the bases, and rented natural foliage accompanied these designed pieces to deliver on the theme.

Zen Design

Meditation Space Design

Create a beautiful and serene meditation space for your event.

Zen Products

Product Design & Sales

Check out our products to inspire relaxation and meditation.


San Jose, California 


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